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Spinach Ricotta Bake
EasyPeasy Entree Gluten Free Vegetarian

Spinach & Ricotta Bake

Beautiful, succulent spinach has been coming each week in the CSA. After eating it frozen for months, it is delightfully refreshing to enjoy it fresh in salads, steamed, creamed and as the base of a cheesy quiche-like meal. No salad required, it is a…

EasyPeasy Entree One-Pot Pescatarian

Cod & Spinach – One Pot

THE INTERNATIONAL FOOD AISLE IS A SPRINGBOARD OF INFORMATION Cod is our favorite fish due to its versatility in being able to take on many flavors. Inspired by a bottle of soy sauce and a jar of puréed ginger from the international food aisle,…

Carnivore (Meat) Entree

Pork Chops w/ Feta,Tomatoes&Spinach

Pork Chops-Looking for a different cut of meat for dinner inspiration? Stand at the butcher counter and look for the freshest cut of meat.  When these thick cut pork chops popped out from the crowd, they screamed, “put me on the table!”  Meat should…