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EasyPeasy Entree Sides/Sauces Vegetarian

Chervil, The Forgotten Herb

A Staple in French Cooking, but Under Utilized Elsewhere With a milder flavor than parsley, it is in the same family.  It is member of the fine herbes (chervil, tarragon, parsley and chives) blend commonly found in French cooking, but rarely seen in recipes anywhere else.…

EasyPeasy Entree Pescatarian

Chive Clam Sauce & Cheese Tortellini

Pasta is a staple for the non-carnivores in our family kitchen.  Our non-carnivores are actually “pescatarians,” as they eat seafood and fish.  Hence a sauce of clam is considered to be a non-meat meal. If you have a favorite brand of clams/clam juice, use…