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Banana Buckwheat Muffins

The bananas were not rotting, they were seasoning for Banana Buckwheat Muffins. I explained as someone reached to toss them in the rubbish bin. Had it been summer, I am sure the fruit flies would have agreed. When the scent of banana fills the…

Linzer Cookies-6

Linzer Cookies, a la Bleuberet – Cookie=Individual Cake

Linzer cookies are an all time favorite at Bleuberet, in fact, anything that can be filled with jam is a fave. Traditional Linzer Cookies are made with hazelnuts, but when we started to research, found that they are made with many different nuts, and…

Old fashioned dessert with apples
Dessert Vegetarian

Individual Apple Brown Betty – Pie With Apples

New Twist Old Fashioned Recipe with apples Old fashioned way to make a pie-like dessert with an update. Even as grownups, we love to have little individualized servings of foods, and what better place than dessert. As a host/hostess it saves portioning out a…

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Buttermilk Biscuits

This is not an adaptation of Sarabeth’s Buttermilk Biscuits.  It is her recipe.  The difference is that the photos are a bit less glossy than her coffee table cookbook. It is a staple biscuit recipe that you make any day of the week.  The…