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Grilled Halibut Steaks

Fresh halibut from the market

Our local fish market has fish that comes in fresh every day.  These halibut steaks had come in fresh that morning and who can turn that down? Ask the fishmonger what came in that day, and don’t be shy to ask to smell it.  You will be glad you did.  Fish should not smell fishy and if it does, it is past its prime.  You are better off with flash frozen (either still frozen or defrosted) than with old fish.  One local store here in the northern most reaches of Maine, has a fish counter we can smell before we get there.  We bypass it and never buy the fish.  If you have a small specialty fish store, we highly recommend that the fishmonger become one of your best foodie friends.  Can’t get there often enough? Ask to order fish in bulk and then use a Vacu-Seal Foodsaver to freeze the extra.  

Haliibut Seasoning
Halibut seasoned on both sides
Halibut 4 steaks for grill
Halibut on the grill


Halibut grilled
Halibut removed from grill resting in aluminum pans
Halibut Steak w Wilted Salad Greens


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