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Grilled Chicken

Grilled Chicken from the grill

Why heat up the house when you want to roast a chicken in the dead of summer? Do it on the grill!  With an aluminum half sheet pan, you can roast the chicken, not destroy a pan, and keep the house temp bearable and still get your perfect grilled chicken.

Chicken Herb Seasoning
Chicken with Olive Oil and Seasoning for the grill
Chicken on Serving Plate
Chicken Post Mortem

Put cut veggies in a separate pan and grill alongside the chicken.  In pan they can cook for a longer time and be removed easily from the grill.  We grilled celery, carrots and bok choy tossed with a bit of sesame oil and soy sauce.


Grill Grilled Chicken

Serves: 4
Cooking Time: 40


  • 1 whole chicken
  • 2 ounces olive oil
  • 1 TBSP Italian Seasoning
  • salt and pepper



Preheat grill to highest temperature.


Place chicken in pan and coat with dry seasoning, salt and pepper.


Drizzle oil over chicken.


Use brush or hands to coat entire chicken with seasoning and oil.


Place pan with chicken on grill.


Reduce heat to 450°F/230C.


Grill for approximately 40 minutes, basting every ten minutes.


*Cooking time will vary based on the size of chicken. This recipe was based on a 5 pound/2.25KG chicken.

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