EasyPeasy Entree Pescatarian

Chive Clam Sauce & Cheese Tortellini

Pasta is a staple for the non-carnivores in our family kitchen.  Our non-carnivores are actually “pescatarians,” as they eat seafood and fish.  Hence a sauce of clam is considered to be a non-meat meal.

Clams draining-2
Clam Juice with Sautéed Onions-2
Clam Sauce & Tortellini-2

If you have a favorite brand of clams/clam juice, use it!  Our go to brand of clams and clam juice is Bar Harbor Foods (from Maine/Canada).  If you cannot locate Bar Harbor Foods brand of clams and clam juice in your local market it is available at Amazon.

Serves: 4
Cooking Time: 20 minutes


  • 2 medium onions, large dice
  • 2oz/60 ml olive oil
  • 1 8oz/240ml bottle clam juice
  • 2 6.5oz/184g cans chopped clams
  • 1 bunch of chives, reserve several for garnish, finely chop the remaining (scissors work really well instead of cutting with a knife)
  • salt and pepper
  • tabsasco (optional)
  • grated parmesan (optional)
  • tortellini---dried or fresh, cook according to package directions
  • linguini, spaghetti or fusilli-dried or fresh, cook according to package directions



Boil water for pasta. It can cook while the sauce is being made.


Open clams,drain in a sieve, and rinse well. Set aside.


Dice onions.


Heat olive oil in a medium sized skillet.


Add onions to skillet.


Sauté until translucent.


Add clam juice.


Add clams and bring to a boil.


Reduce heat and add clams. Heat through.


Turn off heat.


Add chopped chives, season with salt and pepper to taste. Add Tabasco, if desired.


When pasta is cooked and drained, place in a serving dish and spoon clam sauce over. Garnish with the long, sleek uncut chives.


Serve grated parmesan in bowl on table.


There is a lot of debate about cheese and seafood. If you look at #bleuberet, our Instagram post, you will see a recent photo of a grilled cheddar cheese stuffed with lobster. Needless to say it was amazing and we are in favor of seafood and cheese. It is at your discretion as to what you choose to do, but we are in full support of cheese and seafood.

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